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5 Strategies of Successful Women Entrepreneurs

June 19, 2014 | By admin

When you see women beaming with pride and joy for the continued success of their businesses, don’t you just wish you could be one of them? There’s more to than just having the brains, money, or luck to create a thriving business.

Here are strategies women entrepreneurs used to step up their game:


1. Build your network

According to Geri Stengel, founder of Ventureneer, to succeed in business, you need to develop deep and broad network connections. Your connections will help bring you to the next level, whether its providing capital, introducing you to new markets, or getting information and advice.

How do you enlarge your network?

Use social media. The Information age makes it easier for everybody to connect with people, more people than you could even meet in person. Women should take advantage of their innate ability to share, bond, and engage with others and social media is a great tool to use.

Join peer advisory groups. “Entrepreneurs learn best from one another rather than academic courses,” said Marsha Firestone, President and Founder of Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO), a peer advisory group for women presidents of multimillion-dollar companies. Peer advisory groups bring together leaders of several companies to discuss and find solutions to the problems they face in their businesses. A trained facilitator guides these meetings.


2. Seek outside funding

When starting up or expanding a business, women find it difficult to ask for financial help. This limits the ability of a business to grow and scale up. For those who are just starting a business, you could ask your family and friends to give the initial capital. For business expansion, aside from banks, there are now more groups providing the opportunities for funding such as Astia Angel and Golden Seeds.


3. Participate in formal trainings.

Join leadership trainings, business seminars, and the like to nurture your business skills. Here you will learn more about how to cultivate your business and promote it to other entrepreneurs. It’s also a great venue to network and meet other like-minded people.


4. Connect with power people.

Successful entrepreneurs love to share their knowledge and business lessons to newcomers in the industry. Building a relationship with mentors and advisors can help you get access to money, talent, and customers you need to expand your business. Attend events participated by your clients, meet with a group of trusted advisors, spend some time with people you look up to in the community, there are many ways on how to forge a relationship in business.


5. Show your stuff.

Women are taught as early as childhood things which are “lady-like “and “not lady like,” and broadcasting one’s achievements is seen as unladylike. It’s time to trash this myth. How else would people get excited about your product or new service if you’re hesitant to talk about it?

Successful women entrepreneurs join competitions to showcase their skills and they join exhibits to display what their businesses can do. Go after awards and aim to make it to the “best of” list. Accept speaking engagements and be active in the community. Do whatever you think it takes to give more exposure to your business.

Photo credit: “Happy businesswoman” by Steve Wilson is licensed under CC BY 2.0.


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