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67 Yr Old Entrepreneur Launches Veteran Empowerment Support Online

June 24, 2014 | By admin

Former Retiree and first time entrepreneur, Texan Tom Tuley, announced the launch of a unique program to empower fellow veterans and recently returned servicemen and women who find themselves lost at adjusting back to life in society.

At 67, Mr. Tuley invested his time and money to create a business that gives back to fellow veterans. A former Verizon employee and army veteran, he has suffered many years with “survivor guilt” and now he is on a mission to help others to live a life they deserve, without any additional emotional, physical, or financial stress.

“After retiring 7 years ago, I spent the first year reducing my stress levels accrued from 4 decades of constant corporate changes. The next year was retirement bliss but following that honeymoon period, I began to see that I had many good years left in me and that I really wanted to do something fulfilling, something that would make a difference for others.” said Mr. Tuley.

The former retiree researched everything he could online to help make his vision of helping thousands to become a reality. Now, Mr. Tuley provides a unique online education program,, where he personally provides fellow veterans and recently returned servicemen and women with easy-to-follow instructions and support to create personal and financial freedom.

“There is power in masterminding and being part of a true community of like minds,” Mr. Tuley commented, “and no-one knows this better than military personnel!”

Visit for more information.


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