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Strength is in the Struggle


This book will enable you to learn about yourself and thus tap into the strength that you have in abundance. Nobody can turn your life around except you, but this book may just be the starting point you’ve been looking for. Consider this book as your GPS to success!

It will possibly surprise you to hear that the power is in your hands to choose whether to stumble or leap over life’s obstacles. As the author of this personal development book with a difference, Sherry will patiently guide you through your journey toward turning all your struggles into success. With historical and current references, she will show you how you are not alone in experiencing struggles that seem insurmountable and prove to you that not only is it possible to turn your life onto the path you desire through real-life examples but additionally, through a series of exercises, show you how to do that.

You have choice and you have power. What makes this book so accessible is that Sherry Strothers is speaking from personal experience and wants to share her secret with you, because she knows that it actually works. Struggling really does make you strong and now is your opportunity to grab the chance to turn your life around. It’s not hype; there is no mystery or magic, just clear, honest and wise guidance to help you to chart your own individual path to success.

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As a member of the Professional Woman Network, Sherry is one of 30 international coaches and consultants selected to co-author: How to Break the Glass Ceiling without a Hammer – Career Strategies for Women