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How To Act and Look Like a Leader

June 3, 2014 | By admin

Want to be a leader?

You graduated from a good college, had years of solid experience under you belt, had been doing well in the company for a few years, and yet, the next level of success still seems elusive. What to do?

Here are simple tips that you can do which seems small but remember, small efforts make a big impact.


Enhance your presence

You are only given a little time to make an impression, so make the most out of it. Dress the part. Even if you’re not yet the manager of your department, invest in a few staple clothes which fit the image of a manager. When in a meeting, sit up straight and show you’re paying attention to the speaker. If you’re assigned to do a presentation, give your best to prepare an effective and engaging presentation. Don’t miss this chance to show your boss your abilities and that you are capable to handle more responsibilities in the future.


Act with integrity

Office politics cannot be avoided. Amidst the gossiping and negative energy around the workplace, stand out from the crowd by adhering to your morals. Be sincere whenever you say something nice to co-workers, be genuine with answering your colleagues and customers. Protect your credibility since once it vanishes, it’s difficult to build it back up.


Be accountable

Accountability applies both to success and failure. Rewards await you for your success and at the other end, you accept penalties for your failures. It says a lot about your character when you admit your mistakes and accept the consequences, instead of blaming it on others.


Be proactive

Whining and complaining are for losers. These show that you feel powerless to change the situation you’re in. Instead of whining, think of ways on how to turn things around and improve them. A big project will not complete itself if you keep on saying you can’t do it, or you don’t have time, or that you can’t get along with your team.


Hope these simple tips help you make it to the next level!

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