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International Women’s Leadership Association Names Long Beach Counselor for Outstanding Leadership

January 7, 2015 | By admin

Dr. Angela ChesterThe International Women’s Leadership Association recently announced that Dr. Angela Chester of New Life Pastoral Counseling has been registered as a woman of outstanding leadership by declaration of the Executive Committee of The International Women’s Leadership Association. Dr. Chester was recognized for her contribution to her family, her career, and her community.

When asked about leadership, Dr. Chester said, “We live in rapidly changing times and this generation must decide what our place will be, and how we will affect the future. Each of us has a purpose and a plan.”

About The IWLA
Dedicated to serving women and facilitating their ongoing personal and professional development, the IWLA encourage women to dream big and reach far, to empower them to surpass their own expectations as they support other women to do the same.

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