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Marilyn Suey Launches First Book for Savvy Women

December 10, 2014 | By admin

Marilyn SueyMarilyn Suey launches her first book, “36 Quick Tips for Savvy Women-Taking Control of Your Work, Your Wealth, Your Worth.” Marilyn’s inspiration for this book came from a women’s networking event for Wharton and Harvard Business School graduates. In the said event, discussions focused on women and their careers.

During the event’s question and answer portion, Marilyn realized that the questions asked were the same ones that were asked 35 years earlier. However, during those years, women’s networking events were unheard of.

This first edition contains Marilyn’s real world ideas on how savvy women can have a rewarding career, a family, and build a life around one’s passions.

“36 Quick Tips for Savvy Women” explains what actions are necessary for women to take more control of our talents and how to apply them to our careers, finances, and our self-worth.

For more details, read here.

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