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August 21, 2014 | By admin
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Women are social creatures who need to connect with others. And, as early as middle school, girls have known that there’s something special about a group of females getting together to have fun, to share stories, and just to be with the same gender.

Enter It’s a recently launched website aiming to be the go-to place where women can speak honestly with each other online. As the name of the website say, it’s for women only, men are not allowed. There are many female-oriented websites over the Internet but what sets apart is that there’s no editorial voice steering the conversation. Users submit the topic which will be discussed within this pure community. also has strict rules on excluding male users. Currently, the site is invite-only. If an account appears to be owned by a man and he has accessed the site, the account is banned. in the future. plans to verify its user’s gender by using Facebook Connect. CEO and co-founder Susan Johnson revealed that the idea of developing a female-only website where women can share their experiences and opinions and learn from others started during her college years. The concept was put on hold when she focused on her career in marketing for entertainment and digital media firms. As she was working with Facebook as a marketing executive, she realized that her exclusive website could still take flight.

“I started really noticing what people were doing on Facebook, and how they were sharing. Even when you know it’s just friends [with group privacy controls], the women I knew were still just posting pictures of their kids, and the vacations they were on — they were just holding back in a way,” Johnson said. But offline, or in an email thread of just girlfriends, Johnson says, “the conversations would just erupt. We’d talk about a mish-mash of topics. What we’re eating, what we’re thinking, what we’re doing. And I thought, ‘Why can’t I have these conversations on Facebook?’”

Currently, the average user of is between 25-40 years old. They are keeping the growth of the website at a slow pace to make sure that the site grows effectively. Johnson said, “The ultimate vision is that can be a safe place for women to create their own dialogue, whether it’s about fashion, or about the fact that women in Saudi Arabia can’t drive. We’re just going to see where the conversation goes.”



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