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Women Entrepreneurs From Afghanistan and Rwanda Join Business and Leadership Training

July 15, 2014 | By admin

The Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women (IEEW) is conducting the 2014 PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program this month. Twenty-eight women entrepreneurs from Afghanistan and Rwanda will arrive in Dallas, Texas for the final phase of the program.

PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® is built on the understanding that societies which have economic stability have a much greater capacity for peace. Sponsors, including AT&T, have been supporting the program which provided women with opportunities to gain valuable skills and knowledge to strengthen and expand their own businesses. These skills are then passed on to others in their communities.

The program is an eight-week course providing opportunities for women to gain economic empowerment. It teaches them about business plans, accounting, marketing and overall operations. This is the eight year of the program wherein women who demonstrated leadership skills are sent to the United States for intensive training and mentoring in business. This year, the women entrepreneurs have businesses that range from car mechanics to film production.

AT&T will host a luncheon on July 16 at their Dallas Headquarters with honorary guest Ryan Crocker, Dean and Executive Professor at the George Bush School of Government & Public Service at Texas A&M University and former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan. A series of seminars will follow at AT&T on best practices for using technology to enhance business virtually anywhere in the world.

“2014 marks the 8th year of the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program and we are honored to once again have the support of the city of Dallas and our corporate sponsors, like AT&T, in the ongoing effort to build a strong foundation economically, socially and politically for these women and to ensure that the opportunities are sustainable,” said Terry Neese, IEEW founder and CEO. “This year’s Summit theme is SUSTAIN! Join Champions for Solutions. It focuses on the strength and contribution of women entrepreneurs in Afghanistan and Rwanda, the obstacles they face, and free economy solutions to peace.”

After the training, each woman is paired with an American woman entrepreneur in a similar profession. She will live in her counterpart’s home and will go to work with her everyday for one week. This provides a unique opportunity for her to experience the skills she will need and use in her own business when she returns home.

The PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® program will conclude with a graduation celebration at the George W. Bush Presidential Center.


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