About Sherry - Sherry Strothers

Sherry Strothers is known as a highly approachable, motivational and inspirational author, keynote speaker and trainer, currently based in San Diego, CA. As a professional speaker and certified women’s empowerment coach, Sherry’s dedication to the empowerment of women and development of women in leadership has made her one of the most sought after professionals in her field.

A life of dedicated to strength and empowerment, Sherry Strothers delivers a message to help your people improve their attitudes about life, success and work. Overcoming adversity is part of everyone’s personal and business life and having a speaker with renowned corporate training experience and the ability to mobilize companies and organizations helping them achieve new levels of excellence can be the catalyst for future growth they need.

Contact Sherry Strothers when you want your audience to:

  • Create positive changes for themselves
  • Accept new risks and move in new directions
  • Seek out opportunity in adversity
  • Help others grow from within
  • See what positivity can do for them and those around them
  • Believe that all limitations are self-imposed and that empowerment is the key to achieving greatness

Your organization deserves the very best; it deserves a speaker who can offer a wide array of business and life skills focused on the way we live and where we see ourselves in the future.

  • Client Consultation and Relations Management
  • Administrative Management
  • Teambuilding and Leadership
  • Professional Training and Development
  • Career Counseling
  • Human Resources and Personnel Management
  • Solutions Development
  • Educational Instruction
  • Strategic Planning

To learn more about Sherry Strothers and what she can do for your business or organization, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have and arrange a consultation for personalized speaking services.